The Deeptones

02.19.2022 - 9pm

The Deeptones

The Deeptones

Posted July 2, 2016 by Krista Sparks

The Deeptones specialize in funk. You know, that genre of music that makes even people with two left feet get up and shake their thang. A style of music that sprouted in the age where songs were released on vinyl records with an A side and a B side. Everyone remembers the A side, but the forgotten B-side tracks didn’t get much radio play. Why? Well, maybe they were just too funky for the airwaves! That’s where The Deeptones step in. We bring back those deeper tracks you forgot how much you loved to get down to. The Deeptones also play modern funk that might have flown under the radar from all you music lovers. But why stop there? To keep the flavor of funk alive for future generations, The Deeptones also have a selection of their own original compositions.

9pm – No Cover!

143 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43215


11am – 2:30am Daily
Weekend brunch served ‘til 3pm
Kitchen Open ‘til 1am 7 days a week